Death Agent

Dr. Zack Winston #3
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Available in: Paperback, Audio, e-Book

Death Agent

They threatened his life. They hurt his kid. Can this gifted ER doctor deliver payback without becoming addicted to revenge?

Dr. Zack Winston craves vengeance. A confident emergency physician who holds lives in his hands every day, the loving father struggles to guide his sixteen-year-old daughter through her post-traumatic stress disorder. When a patient attacks him at the ER, his guts tell him the sinister cartel hasn’t moved on… and the incident was a planned attempt at murder.

Convinced he’s the only one standing between his family and disaster, Zack realizes his single-minded focus is damaging his relationships. But his rage burns hot after an assassin infiltrates his hospital and bullets start flying.

Will he stay on the right side of the law, or will he stray from his oath and mete out bloody justice?

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