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He works in the heart of a hectic ER, but his greatest fear is losing his family. Can an intrepid doctor protect his own from a twisted mind?

After his near-death experience in DEAD ALREADY, Dr. Zack Winston’s self-confidence wobbles on shaky ground. Slated to see his young-adult daughters over Christmas for the first time in five years, the skilled emergency physician worries his relationship issues will prevent them from bonding. His determination to focus on his personal life sinks fast when he questions a pediatrician colleague’s alleged suicide attempt by drowning.

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Battling a malicious wrongful death malpractice suit, past-haunted emergency physician Zack Winston and case-hardened defense attorney Bridget Larsen uncover a conspiracy that trades in prescription drugs and murder-for-hire.

Available in Kindle, audiobook, and paperback.


The ritualistic murder of a Catholic archbishop scrambles the lives of an ex-seminarian criminal profiler, a renegade priest cult leader, and the former nun they both desired. Ruptured personalities engage in a crime drama with religious, cultural, and familial conflict.

Kindle and paperback available.


First of four novels in the Mahoney & Squire military fiction series.

A divorced navy captain fights disparate battles on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean. World peace and her estranged teenaged son’s safety hang in the balance.

Coming in 2022


The second novel in the Mahoney and Squire series.

Navy Captain Kate Mahoney and junior naval aviator “Cricket” Squire struggle against personal turmoil, cunning enemies, and unthinkable betrayals.

Coming in 2023