Literary Canines

My writing partner, Yoshi-chan, has grown a bit, but still a puppy:

Yoshi is the most recent addition to our extended family of canines, all of whom love listening to books and watching TV shows. Their tastes are eclectic.

For example:

Kylie, aka Kyliedoodle or “The Doodle,” lives in the Washington, DC area. She loves most books, but has a penchant for literary fiction and some fantasy. She’s also drawn to a good mystery. No wonder that one of her fave authors is Robert Galbraith.

Then we have the Texas canines:

Luna and Trevor live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Luna is the grand dame, leading by example with her quiet, loving demeanor. Trevor, a younger French Bulldog, exudes raw elan and energy. Since these two dogs live with our eight- and five-year-old grandchildren, their literary tastes run in the Harry Potter and Narnia lanes. They are also fond of the Larva TV show.

Stay tuned to meet the other literary family dogs in future posts.