Guest Post: Meet Yoshi

Hajime mashite, Yoshi desu. Yuroshiku onegai shimasu.

Hi, my name is Yoshi. I am Mike’s new writing partner. My adoptive parents, Otosan (Mike) and Gigisan (Kathy), brought me to Norfolk from Maryland a week ago. I like my new home. Lots of space to explore inside, and TWO fenced yards to roam. Many delightful smells to savor. Otosan says I’m doing okay at using the yard for my “business,” although I sometimes get caught short inside. (I’m only nine weeks old.) I’ve figured it out. Do the business outside or on the paper inside and I get a treat. Easy peasy, and I love those treats.

My favorite pastime, besides sleeping, is chewing. I like to chew almost anything, especially toes and fingers. I’m learning that those last two are not okay, but I have plenty of other options:

I especially like this cool chew toy left for me by my older relative up north, Kyliedoodle (She’s the top dog in the family–after Luna, who lives in Texas.):

I’m not sure what all my “writing partner” duties entail, but from observing Mike’s work habits so far, I need to keep him from spending so much time on social media. Really, how much time does an author need to scroll through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Not that much, I say. Might take some serious toe chewing to motivate him to put fresh words on his next project.

Speaking of Mike’s writing, he asked me to remind folks about his novel coming out November 27. We’re excited about it around here. I expect many treats on launch day. See the link below for an update.

Okay, Otosan, I did it. Now where’s my treat?

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  1. Hi Yoshi. You are so cute and probably be a big help to Mike.
    Have you met Pluto Living? He is a little dog like you, maybe cousins? Look him up on Youtube. From Canada.
    Make Mike write and also make him cuddle with you at night this winter, in his bed. You’ll keep each other warm and Kathy will have to hang onto the side of the bed so as to not all off.
    Nice to meet you,

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