Meet Dr. Zack Winston

Some life decisions start a chain of events with distant consequences. That happened when Dr. Zack Winston joined the United States Navy.

After seven years of practice in a busy public-hospital ER, and almost nine years of marriage, Zack Winston’s world collapsed without warning. He reinvented himself as a US Navy flight surgeon—only to have that new reality swept away by a searing personal and professional tragedy. Now he staffs the emergency department of a major civilian hospital. It should be his refuge. He excels at this work that allows him to focus on the life-and-death dramas of other people; that enables him to forget past mistakes.

When a clever assassin stalks the emergency department, Zack faces threats beyond the loss of his reputation and his carefully rebuilt life. He must stand and fight or risk losing everything, including the woman he is learning to love. But to defeat a ruthless killer, Zack must first redeem himself.