Vengeance. Human weapons. Retribution.

When naval aviator Cricket Squire escapes from a North Korean prison camp, the “Dear Leader” demands vengeance. Comrade Major Lee Myung Suk embraces the suicide mission as the vector of death for state and family.

Cricket rejoins the Seventh Fleet flagship, haunted by nightmares of captivity. She blows off the patronizing ship’s doctor and self-medicates with alcohol and pain killers. When the flagship staff visit a South Korean port, Myung executes a silent attack on her drunk target. Cricket returns to sea, an unwitting human weapon armed to behead the Seventh Fleet. As the truth emerges, she struggles within her soul. Live or die? The ship’s doctor tries desperate measures to save her life and protect the rest of the crew, while Cricket’s best friend and confidant heads north to enact his own retribution.

VECTORS is the fourth novel in the FLAGSHIP! Series of military thrillers written from the human perspective. If you like fast-paced military and medical drama, complicated characters, kick-ass women warriors, and realistic international intrigue, you’ll love Mike J. Krentz’s story of human weapons locked in mortal combat.

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