Cunning enemies. Unthinkable betrayals. Kick-ass warriors.

Military intrigue threatens the stability of the Western Pacific. Captain Kate Mahoney rushes away from family leave in California to rejoin the Seventh Fleet flagship in the South China Sea. Her deranged ex-husband capitalizes on the absence to steal her alienated teenage son. Kate wages military and personal battles six-thousand miles apart, while her confidant and would-be lover wrestles his own personal demons far away.

Lieutenant Commander “Cricket” Squire chooses duty over the love of her life to lead a critical reconnaissance flight over contested sea space. The fleet’s most powerful Pacific adversaries collude to intercept the flight. Cricket lands in a crucible that will test the deepest fibers of her courage.

The entire fleet staff goes to general quarters, unaware that one of their own has launched a more diabolical mission.

SOUTH CHINA SUNDOWN, the second novel in the FLAGSHIP! Series of military thrillers from the human side, immerses the reader into international intrigue, military confrontation, and intense relationships. Complex characters, kick-ass women warriors, and suspenseful action in a powder-keg setting.

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