Bold warrior. Single mom. Dual battles.

The US Seventh Fleet flagship patrols the Western Pacific to defend a fragile peace among uncertain friends and cunning adversaries. Men and women warriors stand a watch that will forever change their lives. Not every foe wears a foreign uniform. Not all enemies attack from outside the ship.

Kate Mahoney, navy captain and single mom, engages military and personal cross-fire. From the sea, she directs fleet operations to interdict a North Korean assault on the South. A back-stabbing superior, an enigmatic yet alluring colleague, and a rebellious teenage son in the US challenge her resolve. When the specter of a past toxic marriage threatens to steal her son, Kate calls upon combat-honed will and courage to wage war on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.

RIVEN DAWN is the first of four novels in the FLAGSHIP! Series of military thrillers from the human side. If you like fast-moving action, kick-ass heroines, complex characters, and realistic international intrigue, you’ll love Mike J. Krentz’s tale of one woman’s fight against enemies both foreign and domestic.

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ASIN: 1621810968

ISBN-13: 978-1621810964