HOSTILE Microbes. Torture. Subterfuge.

Women warriors return fire.

Cricket Squire is lost at sea. Kate Mahoney and the fleet staff go all out to find her, but a biological attack in South Korea sidetracks them. When the source is linked to the despot in the North, Kate volunteers to lead a retaliatory assault into the “Dear Leader’s” back yard.

Plucked from the sea by enemy commandos, Cricket suffers torture and exploitation, a pawn in the international showdown between opposing powers. A former lover arrives to rescue her. Can that woman be trusted?

Kate’s nemesis colludes with her deranged ex-husband to reveal secrets from her past to threaten her future. With her professional and personal lives in jeopardy and her colleague in danger, Kate launches from the carrier deck with unbridled fury.

RISING SUN…MORNING STORM, the third novel in the FLAGSHIP! Series of military thrillers, takes the reader aboard as opposing forces converge. Threatened regional stability rides alongside, while personal tragedies loom over the bow. If you like complex characters, kick-ass women warriors, and suspenseful action, you’ll love Mike J. Krentz’s story of lives and loves at the tip of the spear.

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